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Tony and Ehab supplied and configured a vending machine for my martial arts gym and have been brilliant with helping me integrate it into my business. Cannot recommend these guys highly enough. The after sales support they provide is second to none.
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I started our vending business 12 months ago with no knowledge of the industry, I then had the pleasure to have tcn as my mentors, since the 1st machine I brought they have been by our side at any hour of the day/night for any information and any user issues we have had. These machine are the best machines on the market. Thanks so much for letting us in. In 18 months we have been able to grow our business with 70 machines. Hopefully will hit the 100 mark in 2023. In our fleet we have one of the first full drink machines that can vend glass bottles and large volume of drinks for higher volume sites like we experience here. Did I mention our freezer ice cream Machine WOW what a machine what a assets for our business. Thanks TCN for the ride we never want it to end
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7 Product Ideas for Your Combination Vending Machines

Combination Vending Machines

Combination vending machines are convenient machines that can instantly provide a customer on their needs. If someone is feeling hungry, a vending machine can give that person food in exchange for payment. They are also great investments as one does not need to hire someone else to be a cashier for it to work and do its job. With proper vending machine maintenance and management, the machine can run for years to come, be it rain or shine.

Indeed, vending machines are revolutionary and every day new machines are invented and made to be more convenient for people to use. For example, the combination vending machine is a relatively new machine that combines the functions of a snack vending machine and a drink vending machine in a single unit. One could say that it is a good investment to have one. However, if you already have one or if you are planning on having one, do you know what items to sell in the machines?

The Pros

When someone thinks of a vending machine, people would usually think about a machine that dispenses snacks or a machine that dispenses drinks. All combination vending machines, also known as a combo vending machine, does both jobs in one unit.

On average, combo vending machines garner more profit and revenue when compared to more basic vending machine models that only dispense a single type of product such as a candy vending machine, a snack vending machine, or a drink vending machine. For example, instead of making 20 cents on each item purchased on a candy vending machine you can make a dollar or more with its combo counterpart.

This results to a better profit along with the added benefit of not needing to have as many machines if you want to turn a reasonable profit. These machines are also heavier, making them harder to steal from. Although it can be a challenge when moving a machine from one place to another.

The Cons

On the contrary, these machines cost more than bulk vending machines, and these machines run on electricity which can scare off potential location owners from giving you the opportunity to place a unit on their premises. Larger machines also mean that they are more susceptible to vandalism and damage from outside forces such as the weather. These large machines have more parts than a bulk vending machine, so repairing them might also be more expensive.

If you have already weighed in the pros and cons and have settled on having a combo vending machine, then the next step would be to know what are the best possible products for your machine.

1. Potato/Corn Chips

Most often, people come to vending machines in search for a snack. Generally, one of the best snacks is the chips, such as the potato chips and the corn chips. Vending machines usually have Lays or Pringles in their list of products because they sell well, but Smiths and Thins are also good potato chip brands to stock your vending machine with. Corn chips such as Doritos are also good choices for your combo vending machine.

2. Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars such as Snickers, Crunchie, and Twix are good snacks to stock your combo vending machine with for the sweet tooths looking for a sugary sweet treat. They are good snacks as they can be carried around because of their small size fit for a pocket. A customer can simply buy a chocolate bar for future consumption without being hassled in carrying it around with them.

3. Granola Bars

Granola bars are food bars made out of a mixture of oats and other ingredients such as brown sugar, raisins, coconut, or nuts that are eaten as a snack. Granola bars are praised for their healthy composition as they are a good source of fiber and protein. When running late for work, many people come rushing to buy a granola bar as a simple meal to fill the stomach in the moment. Goodness Superfoods cereal bars and Carman’s muesli bars are one of the best granola bars in Australia.

4. Biscuits and Cookies

Other healthy options for those looking for them are biscuits and cookies. The good thing about biscuits and cookies as stock for your combo vending machine is that these products have a wide range of biscuits types. If you find out that most of your customers are sweet tooths, you can go for sweet treats such as Wagon Wheels, but if the opposite is true, you can go for Arnott’s biscuits such as the Scotch Finger.

5. Soda

Carbonated soda is a must-have in vending machines. A chilled and cold drink is always refreshing especially during tiresome work or being under a hot weather. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to soda. Additionally, you can choose to stock either cans or plastic bottles. The most popular sodas for vending machines include Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and Mountain Dew. Sodas are perfect treats in the harsh and hot Australian weather.

6. Water Bottles

Of course, it is also a good idea to put water bottles in your vending machine. Every vending machine that sells drinks should always have water bottles. Even though water can be seemingly easy to find without having to pay for it, lots of people visiting the workplace may have forgotten their water bottles at home and need to stay hydrated while working or on-the-go. Many people may also have the need to quench their thirst during a hot weather.

7. Coffee

Coffee is a good choice for your customers who want an energy boost every morning. Most typically, cold coffee is the way to go for combo vending machines. Oftentimes, people will be late at work and miss out on their cup of morning coffee. Cold coffee at the simple touch of a button is just what the people are looking for when they are on the move. Some options for cold coffee include cold brew and iced coffee blends.


Investing in combination vending machines is relatively easy. However, you need to find the right products for your inventory. Having the right products can significantly help you receive higher profits. If you want to know more and explore your vending machine options, you can always talk to the experts at TCN Vending Australia.

For more info, call us at 1800 959 910.