Vending Machine Parts and Service

Do you own a vending machine? Does it need to be repaired and serviced? Whatever your vending machine needs are, TCN Vending Australia can help.

TCN Vending Australia is Australia’s number one provider of vending machine parts. We have earned our reputation through the exceptional knowledge and service provided by our highly qualified and competent technicians and the quality of the vending machine parts that we supply.

Spare Parts, Product, and Service Support

We have a fully-equipped technical service centre and a dedicated spare parts department. From our service centre, you can buy kiosks, machines, and spare parts for a TCN vending machine.

If you have problems with your vending machine, we have skilled technicians who can diagnose the problem for you. They can repair the machine in-house if you drop it off on our service centre, but if you will request, they can inspect and repair the machine on location.

We have a complete inventory of spare parts for TCN vending machine systems. So, you need not worry about importing spare parts from overseas.

You cannot afford to have a broken vending machine. After all, you’d lose money and customers if you don’t get it fixed. Lucky for you, TCN Vending Australia is authorised to service damaged or broken vending machines and supply the necessary spare parts required.

Parts and Service Warranty

We are confident about the quality of our vending machine parts. We can attest that the vending machine parts bought from us are of excellent quality and are free of defects. They can also withstand the test of time.

Our vending machine parts and services come with a warranty period that starts from the date they have been delivered to you.

For any spare parts or service availed from TCN Vending Australia, we offer a one-year warranty, unless specifically stated in the agreement. Although we may offer extended warranties, they are available at an additional cost.

Our standard warranty is limited to faulty spare parts and machines. It usually excludes the following:

  • Damage incurred if the vending machine is transported after it was installed
  • Damage to the machine caused by a power failure or surge
  • Damage caused by vandalism
  • Damage incurred during the removal of the vending machine or spare parts
  • Quality Vending Machine Spare Parts

    The average lifespan of a TCN vending machine reaches 15 years. But when taken cared for properly, they can last longer.

    However, there are instances when unexpected damages occur. As a result, you will need to have them fixed and serviced by authorised personnel.

    If you find yourself in dire need of a specific TCN vending machine spare part due to unexpected damage, contact TCN Vending Australia. Better yet, visit our showroom in Prestons, NSW, 2170, to speak with a technician.

    Please contact us for Sales and Parts