5 Satisfying Snack Options to Sell in Your Food Vending Machines

When you say food vending machines, what probably goes into your mind first are junk foods. You think of items like chocolates, chips, and sodas, all of which are packed with carbs, salt, sugar, fat, and other ingredients that don’t really benefit the body.

Well, the whole vending machine game is about to change. Less healthy food choices won’t be that popular in the next few years. People are becoming more aware of their health and lifestyle choices, so it’s probably safe to assume that healthy and satisfying snack options are profitable.

It’s high time that you level up your food vending machine game. Start selling healthy and try out these satisfying snack options:

1. Whole-Grain Goods

Whole grains are a great source of fibre that makes you feel fuller, longer, but it’s quite difficult to eat raw whole grains when you’re in a rush. Even more disheartening is that traditional vending machines only dispense packaged cookies and chips that contain high amounts of sugar, unhealthy fats, and calories.

As an alternative to these already-popular snack options, you may choose to vend crunchy whole-grain crackers or crackers.

2. Granola Bars

Many food vending machines today already have some granola bars for sale as an option for health and fitness buffs. However, to win over your competitors, choose to sell those that do not have chocolates to keep the calories and sugar on the lower end.

3. Dried Fruits

Want to sell something sweet but prefer to stay on the safer side? Dried fruits are a great option. They’re a healthier and safer way to satisfy one’s sweet cravings. You can have dried fruits like cranberries and raisins packed in tiny containers. You can also have them mixed with seeds and nuts like a trail mix.

4. Nuts

Just like fibre-rich foods, nuts make a great healthy snack option. They contain healthy fats that are easier to digest, keeping one satisfied for longer. The best nuts to sell include walnuts, cashews, and almonds.

Peanut butter cookies and crackers are also profitable. However, it is best that you give consumers more options. Not everybody fancy the idea of eating pure peanut butter cookies.

5. Veggie Chips

Who could ever forget the all-time favourite vending machine snack: chips! But take note that these are not ordinary chips. We specifically said veggie chips. These healthy snack options are loaded with nutritious ingredients, such as broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, onion, millet, garlic, buckwheat, and bell pepper. For more details on the ingredients, you can always check the labels.

For picky buyers who couldn’t live without potatoes, you may choose to sell healthy potato chips. What makes them different from ordinary potato chips is that they are heated in a pressurised chamber. As a result, fats are dissolved, leaving only a few grams per ounce.


In the vending machine business, unique products sell better over others. So, if you want to find the most profitable items to sell in your food vending machines, it’s smart to look online and check what’s popular. You’d be surprised to see that the list of options is endless!

Selling more popular products like healthy snacks means having more chances of making more money. Choosing to sell ordinary food items means you probably won’t get a lot of sales. So, what would you choose. Of course, that’s all up to you!

Let’s accept it. The era of healthy vending is here. And it is expected to stay and leave a lasting impact in the coming years. Healthy snacks will soon revolutionise the vending industry, and eventually change the way we snack. Long gone are the days when snack time is dominated by chips and sodas. Products that are healthier and more beneficial will reign.

If you are looking to invest in food vending machines, you can visit TCN Vending Australia. Don’t worry because we are more than happy to give more ideas on what to sell to help you beat the competition.