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7 Interesting Facts About Vending Machines

vending machines Sydney

Over the years, there have been thousands of practical items and technologies invented to offer maximum convenience and comfort in our everyday lives. Some of these inventions have pioneered solutions in making our world more connected while, others provide a delightful treat during a busy day.

Before, vending machines were considered your last hope for a quick munch during the late-night outs, or your go-to stop for a drink in your alleyway while running late for work, but so much has happened since.

Today, vending machines are continuously evolving with the present times. More and more vending machines offer unique and eclectic items ranging from iced-cold drinks, chips, books, to even caviars, cars, and gold. Several businesses boast the different kind of convenience these machines bring. From their humble beginnings to modern-day developments, here are interesting facts and tidbits about vending machines in Sydney and all over the world.

1. The first item dispensed was never snacks but holy water.

Way before innovative and advanced coin-slot vending machines, an instrument was built in ancient Egypt to curb churchgoers from stealing holy water. The mechanism involved is similar to the known vending machines. The instrument designed by a Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria is triggered by the weight of the gold coin, leading for a vessel to tip and pour the water out.

This fascinating device is no longer present, but records of it were obtained in the ancient texts.

2. It was always liquor over soda.

In Paris, France (and many parts of the globe), the first beverage vending machines were popular in dispensing luxe drinks such as beer, wine, and liquor to the upper class. So, if you’d ever think that soft drinks were a vending machine staple ever since, you’ve got it all wrong.

Soft drinks are still not a norm until the early 1920s. Unlike the newer bottles and cans, the first soda pop vending machines dispensed these thirst-quenching drinks in cups.

3. America’s First: Fresh Mints for Fresh Breaths

Over 5 million vending machines are found all over the United States. Soda pops are leading products found on almost every vending machine in street corners and office building. Before, Americans were more concerned and interested in freshening breath than quenching thirst.

The first-ever vending machine in the USA was built in 1888. The Thomas Adams Gum Company have developed a machine to dispense a Tutti Frutti flavoured gum.

4. The Land Down Under Features the World’s First Vending Machine-Only Shop

Believing that the future of retail is the vending machine, Hari Shotham has made the concept possible with his store, Vitamin Warehouse.

Vitamin Warehouse stocks an extensive products list, including cell phone accessories, vitamins, perfume, medicine, bandages and soft drinks, with things like coffee, cycling accessories, DVDs, and fruit juice available soon.

It doesn’t hire cashiers, shop assistants, and managers to run the place. The owner monitors the businesses through the CCTV systems connected to his smartphone.

5. Newer and more advanced vending machines can suggest drinks for you.

Having a hard time deciding on what drinks to buy? Why not let the vending machines decide for you? More and more vending machines in Tokyo use innovative technology that features a face-scanning software. This allows vending machines to scan users’ faces and recommend drinks based on age and gender.

What’s interesting is the touch screen display of the machine advertises different products when no one is buying a product. The advertisements are targeted depending on the time of the day and the season.

6. The 2000s: Variety is the Spice of Vending Machine Items

The spike of popularity in vending machines in Sydney and all over the world has led retailers to become more creative in stocking their machines with products other than candies and sodas. Around the mid to late 2000s, you can see toys, fishing baits, and diverse food items.

In 2012, food items and drinks with nutritional information have become more common. This is because consumers are concerned and interested in the nutritional value of the snacks.

Although vending machines that dispense food and drinks are common today, others sell an array of goods. Some of the most bizarre items include:

  • Hot chips
  • Wondering how you can get your hot chips (fries) faster than Macca’s in Australia? Get them piping hot in a vending machine.

    The mechanics? Simple. It fries frozen potatoes in a specially sourced rice bran oil and can cook in about two minutes following payment into the vending machine. Through this process, you’ll enjoy a hot chip that has no cholesterol and no trans fatty acids.

  • Live Crabs
  • In China, crabs sell like hotcake from August to October. During the crab season, many crave for these delicious seafood treats. Which is why live crabs are up for grabs inside a vending machine.

    To keep the crabs alive and fresh, the machine should be in a fixed temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. Through this, the crabs are in constant hibernation state forcing them to remain alive.

    For only $3, you can enjoy a freshly dispensed crab with crab vinegar and two bags of ginger tea.

  • Gold Bullion Bars
  • From soda pops to quick snacks, vending machines have become a go-to for everyone; but who would ever expect to get gold bullion bars in a vending machine? Well, maybe you should.

    In Dubai, there is a vending machine that dispenses over 300 items made of gold. Gold to Go, the manufacturer and owner, also updates market prices every ten minutes depending on the current gold value.

    7. Greener technology is developed to reduce its negative environmental implications.

    Like most machines, vending machines have earned a bad rap with environmentalists. The impact of fluorinated gases largely contributes to global greenhouse effects. At present, the development in natural refrigerants is a cornerstone to a greener vending machine. Not to mention, most vending machines use recycled materials to manufacture a new machine.

    One of the most popular soda brands, Coca Cola, has introduced the ‘Green Roof.’ This is made of green sheets from moss and artificial turf to naturally help in lowering the temperature.

    With more and more manufacturers opting for sustainable options, vending machines are greener than ever.


    The history of vending machines is one that’s colourful and rich. Discover more interesting facts about the vending machine business as you journey towards your first every vending machine in Sydney today.

    Here at TCN Vending Australia, we provide you with high-quality vending solutions for all our clients. Browse through our website and check out what we can do for you.

    For more details and information, call us at 1800 959 910. You can also visit our showroom at 9/16 Bernera Rd., Prestons, NSW, 2170.