Nathan Ellery
Tony and Ehab supplied and configured a vending machine for my martial arts gym and have been brilliant with helping me integrate it into my business. Cannot recommend these guys highly enough. The after sales support they provide is second to none.
Nathan Ellery
Andrew Macartney
After dealing with other companies in the past I feel blessed to have found TCN Vending Australia as they are the most professional, experienced, knowledgeable & customer focused vending suppliers I've encountered. Keep up the good work Ehab & Tony!
Andrew Macartney
23 Enterprise Vending PTY LTD
I started our vending business 12 months ago with no knowledge of the industry, I then had the pleasure to have tcn as my mentors, since the 1st machine I brought they have been by our side at any hour of the day/night for any information and any user issues we have had. These machine are the best machines on the market. Thanks so much for letting us in. In 18 months we have been able to grow our business with 70 machines. Hopefully will hit the 100 mark in 2023. In our fleet we have one of the first full drink machines that can vend glass bottles and large volume of drinks for higher volume sites like we experience here. Did I mention our freezer ice cream Machine WOW what a machine what a assets for our business. Thanks TCN for the ride we never want it to end
23 Enterprise Vending PTY LTD
Samantha Guida
Great company to work with. Quality products, always reliable and have excellent customer service. Thank you!
Samantha Guida
Neelam Lal
Have been dealing with TCN Australia for last 4 years and what a fantastic team there are. From start of the sale to end, the service is great. Ehab and Tony are always ready to go extra mile no matter what the requirements are. After sales service has never missed a beat even when you call them on weekends or after 5pm which is very rare to find now days. Willing to help with any questions you may have was the best thing when I was starting up. TCN vending machines are most attractive in looks with latest technology that is around specially with touch screens. Most of my machines are glass front with led lights. The best thing about this is having flexibility to change the shelves to suite the site requirements. If you want best vending machines and service, TCN Australia is the way to go.
Neelam Lal
Em Bon
Very helpful. Excellent services!
Em Bon
Trent Sullivan
Great machines and qaulity service!
Trent Sullivan

4 Common Problems with Small Vending Machines and What You Can Do

Vending machine with chips, candy & drinks

With over 15 million vending machines worldwide, it’s undeniable that vending machines are one of the greatest inventions there is. The popularity of the vending machine business has sparked an interesting discussion between nutrition and convenience. Most people consider vending machines as the best lunch option. Why? It’s because you don’t have to sit and wait for the next half an hour to enjoy a tasty treat. Within seconds you can gobble up a delicious lunch meal of your liking.

What’s good about them is they don’t just stock lunch meal choices; they also have a selection of beverages which are perfect to go with your meals. You would never have to deal with a rumbly stomach if only there’s a vending machine in every office building or street corner. With all the treats and convenience they bring, they’re considered an important resource to any office or commercial building – not unless they jam or your bill isn’t accepted.

Imagine this: it’s half-past twelve and you’re excited to eat your lunch. After all, you brought a homecooked meal. You open your bag and realised that you left your lunchbox in your kitchen’s countertop. Now, you’re hangry. You don’t have any other choice but to walk in the midday heat to get a quick lunchtime fix or else you’ll work for the next hours with an empty stomach. While you’re hastily running past the building, a beacon of hope glimmers – the vending machine.

You confidently choose your lunch meal paired with a thirst-quenching drink. All that’s left to do is pick and key in your choice, but the most unexpected happens: it’s not taking any bills!

Bill issues are one of the most common problems that happen to any type of vending machines but most especially, small vending machines. The good thing is this problem has a quick and easy solution.

As a vending machine operator, you don’t want to lose your customers over common problems that require minor repairs, don’t you? Are you wondering what are other common problems you have to deal with? We’ve got a list handy, so you’ll be prepared to fix and troubleshoot your small vending machines.

It Needs Fixing!

The vending machine business is one that’s lucrative, but like many businesses, it has its own drawbacks. As an owner, you’ll encounter simple issues to complicated technical issues. That is why it’s important to learn the common conundrums of small vending machines and their best possible solutions.

These are some of the problems:

1. The machine is out of stock.

If you are asking: is this really a problem? Well, not necessarily, but it can be. Running out of products can cause your loyal customers to shift to other food options instead.

Maintenance and regular restocking of food items and beverages are important for your vending machine business to flourish.

If your small vending machine is located on a large school campus, busy commercial area, or other high-traffic spaces, you may need to restock your inventory weekly. Be sure that your machine never sits empty for you to not lose any potential customers.

2. Bill validator malfunctions.

It’s frustrating for customers to encounter such a problem. Dollar bill issues are one of the leading causes for many customers to not use a machine again. Older cash-only machines are prone to have issues accepting dollar bills or giving back the correct change.

To solve this, you need to check if sufficient change is available in the machine or if the bill validator is functioning well. Once checked, and the problem still occurs, you’ve got to call your vending machine company to have it diagnosed.

3. Products get jammed.

The utter feeling of your snack getting stuck before it gets all the way down is nothing but annoying. If this often happens, it’s a clear indicator that vending machine repair is necessary. Rather than kicking and tapping your machines hard, you can solve this problem on your own.

You can troubleshoot first, check if all the hinges and mechanisms are properly working. Sometimes, all it takes is replacing an old part in order to make the machine fully functioning again. Once you’ve located the issue, you can reassess whether you have the right equipment to get the job done.

4. The machine heats up or cools down erratically.

Small vending machines encounter ventilation problems. This happens when the machine is not well-ventilated. Make sure that you keep your machine 5-6 inches away from the wall to promote proper heat and airflow. See to it that your cooling fan is working properly and cooling the machine as intended.

Always ensure that the temperature is appropriate for the products inside. Diet cokes and juice boxes tend to freeze at a higher temperature which is not ideal. Colder temperatures will also result in jamming problems. It’s important to set the perfect thermostat temperature for cold drinks which is around 1.7 to 4.5 Celsius.

Never Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Like many things, prevention and proper maintenance is the key to keep your vending machines in tip-top condition. Vending machines problems can quickly escalate if they are not dealt with well. With vending machines, a small part can cause others to fail and stop working as well. This can cause severe downtime and will surely affect your revenue.

If your machines are inoperable for longer periods, it will not only affect your revenue but your relationship with your customer. Most customers won’t patronise your products and will choose other alternatives instead.

It’s in your best interest to properly maintain and repair your vending machines. This way, you can maintain a positive cash flow and relationship with your customers. If you spot a problem, don’t wait till it’s too late! Make the necessary repairs as soon as possible.

Problems always harbour solutions. It’s always a matter of deciding on what to do. As a vending machine owner, always be proactive. Not only will this help you earn more revenue, but it will also certainly create better opportunities for you.

If you are interested to invest in a small vending machine business, you can always contact TCN Vending Australia. As a reliable vending machine brand, we offer our clients an extensive selection of vending machines for sale in Sydney. Call us today at 1800 959 910.