The Best Locations to Put Vending Machines in Australia

vending machine Australia

Are you looking to venture into a vending machine business in Australia? If you are, be sure that you are installing the best vending machines in the right places, so you can get the best conversion.

Do you know the best places to put your vending machines? These places are basically high traffic areas that don’t have lots of food options. To give you a better idea, here’s a roundup of the ideal places to put a vending machine in Australia.

1. Apartment Complexes

Modern apartment complexes have clubhouses or function areas that all members of the community have access to. These common areas are a great spot for putting up vending machines.

2. Manufacturing Facilities

Most workers would want to grab a cold drink or a quick snack during break times to keep them going. This fact makes manufacturing facilities a good location to put up your vending machine.

3. Hotels

Based on studies, hotels are among the best vending machine locations. This is due to the nature of hotels that naturally attract guests. In most cases, hotel guests don’t always have quick access to food and drink services; hence vending machines on certain floors can potentially produce great revenue.

4. Office Spaces

Regardless of the nature of the business, an office space with more than 40 employees can be a great spot for a coffee vending machine or a soda machine.

5. Retail Stores

Employees working in retail stores often work part-time, which means they only have a couple of short breaks. With vending machines in these stores, employees working in these stores can grab something to eat and drink without having to spend a lot of time.

6. Hospitals

Hospitals are locations with long wait times. And unfortunately, there isn’t always a lot of 24-hour restaurants and stores to grab something to eat late at night.

7. Auto Shops

Among the most popular spots for vending machines in Australia are auto shops. In these places, customers have to wait on-site for their vehicle to be repaired or altered. Having the option to quickly grab an ice cold drink makes the hours of waiting time more tolerable.

8. Universities

You are guaranteed to have a lot of traffic in universities and schools because students can get hungry in between classes.

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