1.With a 50-inch LCD display, video and pictures in various formats can be played.

2.The mode of sales is fully automated elevator elevator system to assist different positions of goods to be delivered to the delivery port.

3.Adopt international MDB standard design, according with international DEX standard, and can accept any kind of international general standard design.

4.Can accept bills and coins, and give change in coins.

5.Large glass window display, can check all products intuitively and easy to use.

6.The size of the box can be sold more, the compatibility is better, the independent microwave heating province space,

the sale of the box rice capacity is larger.

7.The heating speed is four times that of the ordinary microwave oven.

8.Microcomputer control system has intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, fault diagnosis and other management functions.

9.The size of the goods can be changed at any time, flexible to different sizes of various products.

10.It has the function of power loss protection and storage memory function.

11.Standard grating delivery inspection system.

12.Electric leakage protection function.

13.Ozone kills.

14.The powerful cloud service management platform can check the sales information and running status of each vending machine from the Internet anytime and anywhere.

15.High speed X,Y axis mobile platform, modular refrigeration system, fault maintenance convenience.

Optional Functions

1.Can customize IC card payment, mobile phone payment, Ali-pay payment, voice control, quick pass, bank card, QR code, Wechat, credit card and other payment method.  

Machine can support 232 computer serial port control, can custom made change bill, recharge and issue card system.

2.Can customize “spring tray, belt conveyor system, hook system, and high capacity slots.”

3.Can customize surveillance camera, and can set GPRS burglar alarm, propaganda, video and other functions.

4.By using smart mobile phone or website, TCN cloud server can check any sales information about each machine.

5.PTC heating system.

6.Temperature stratification settings. Temperature stratification can set according to the demands of clients.

7.Can customize big LED lighting box, and install them to the two sides of the machine for advertising.

Above model can accept the non-standard customization and modification.

Technical Data

Merchandise type:Up to 30 kinds (canned/bottled/boxed/flexible)

Merchandise reserves:60

Cooling temperature:  4 degrees Celsius –25 degrees Celsius (can be adjusted)

Out size:  1941X1100X1153MM

Weight:  450KG

Electricity:  AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ