Coffee Vending Machines


Rated voltage: AC220V / 50Hz

Rated power: 900 / 1800W
Standby Power: 90W
Product Gross Weight: 115kg
Total height dimensions: Width 540x height 1940x depth of 610mm
Prevent overheating equipment: automatic power-off (96 ℃ disconnect?)
Room temperature bucket capacity: 5L electronic cooling irrigation capacity: 1.6L 1.8L heat sink capacity
For bucket capacity: 19L
Material barrel: 4
Cup Quantity: 130 (6.5 —- 9.0 oz)
Sales principle: high-speed mixing raw materials automatic transmission bucket mixed
Sales Type: four kinds of hot drinks, four kinds of cold drinks
Currency recognition system: one yuan coin device (optional bill is)
Advertising: AU 22 inch advertising display (optional touchscreen)
Display: Custom LCD Display
Control mode: ARM control
Advertising model: Loop (supports wmv, mpg, wav, etc.)
Cooling method: dual-chip cooling


Water way: under water pumping or external