lCan be used independently or equipped to TCN series vending machines,can be combined with multiple quantity cabinets to a self-service convenience store.
lLED lighting, luxury and intuitive merchandise display.
lCan sell a variety of goods,applicable to a wide range of merchandise.
lElectricity leakage protection.
l*Powerful cloud service management platform can check each vending machine sales information and operating status through the network at any time.
l*With heat insulation function, automatic switch.
The points marked with
l * is for non-standard equipment
Above models can accept the non-standard customization and modification.

Technical Index

Commodity types: Single cabinet max 36 types
External Dimension: 1930X1080X340mm;
Small Cabinet Dimension:160X240X320mm
Weight: 100KG
Electricity: AC 100-240V,  50/60HZ